At The Community Driving School, we stick with you through your journey to get your provisional licence. We are 100% behind our students at every step. While there is no legal requirement to have professional lessons, because we are fully accredited one hour lesson with The Community Driving School is worth three hours driving experience in your log book. Students have to acquire 120 hours in log book hours before they are able to be assessed for their practical test.

A maximum of 10 hours of professional lessons can be recorded as 30 hours of driving experience. And if you do a night lesson (between sunset and sunrise) with a professional instructor, a one hour lesson is equal to another two hours to your log book.

If you use a digital log book app, bonus hours will be added when you enter the instructor’s details and practice drive information. You can also enter this information into your paper learner log book

So along with mum or dad your practice hours can be acquired three times as fast with a professional instructor and because The Community Driving School instructors are fully-accredited we teach you driving good habits which will last you a lifetime, keeping you safe on the roads.

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